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Back to the Future

In 1998, they looked toward The Shape of Punk to Come. Now, the highly influential Swedish punk band Refused returns with Freedom, their first album in 17 years. It is a mix of extreme left political vitriol, hokey mid-tempo riffing and an awkwardly placed pop sheen.


Thoughts on Liturgy's new album "The Ark Work" which re-contextualizes black metal tropes in the face of often harsh critical attitudes.

Broken Open

Reflections on the music and the importance of the 'extreme music' pioneers Swans after their recent sold-out performances in New York City.

Killing Time, Pt. [7] - Networks & Non-Work


Some factories have disappeared, driven from our borders towards cheaper labor and less regulation. As both the metaphysical and experiential nature of labor changes, the factory must take on some new forms.

Massive Attack v Adam Curtis

Massive Attack v Adam Curtis is a work of strange and singular genius that invites you to think deeply about history, power, progress and our part in shaping the future.

Killing Time, Pt. [1] - Capture


Any thing worth anything needs protecting. How, by whom, and from what? If the Internet is our most precious resource, then shall we afford it every available protection? There are a host of security measures in place on the Internet to protect against a variety of cyber-crimes. What better than a test? This is the CAPTCHA, or Completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart.