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James Rowe considers collecting, time and objects.

Tomorrow’s Modern Boxes

In light of recent coverage on its financial success, Tristan O'Donnell discusses one the most underrated releases of 2014: Thom Yorke's Tomorrow's Modern Boxes

Shopping Your Values

Carlos Yescas explores labor, migrant workers and the consumption of values. 

Pictures of Consumption

The sense of earth-citizens overtakes the viewer and gives opportunity to establish even for a moment a connection to other human eaters, who at the end of the day are also eating just like “us.”

Viva La Radio

A review of Mutazione, a compilation from Strut Records highlighting underground, politically reactionary, Italian electronic music from the 1980's

US-984XN // Analogs On Surveillance


The leak of the NSA's PRISM program, a domestic electronic survelliance and data mining operation, threw information capitalism and rights-of-looking into the collective American consciousness, provoking one of the first true debates about homegrown spying since the Patriot Act, this time wholly digitized. Gone were the phone taps, now it's your Order History. Who uses a land-line anymore? 

Polanski’s Women

To celebrate the filmmaker's 80th birthday, we look at a small group of Polanski's best films: his films about women.