New Criticals

What are your curatorial processes?

the GIM is like one project that i run parallel to what i would call my IRL curating, or more traditional career-making curating, to call it something. For the GIM i pretty much research while online, like i'll be on my fb timeline or twitter, and see (self-identified) girls producing work, and ask them about links to their work, it's more like that, being online and keeping an eye out for stuff that might work for the GIM. its something that i also do IRL of course, but the biggest part of the GIM collection has been found online.

however, IRL i guess my practice is more traditional? i see a lot of shows get in contact with artists whose work i like, some of them will become friends and recommend other artists, some ill find online and then go visit their studios. just regular stuff like that. that side of my work is also very influenced and permeated by my interests, like if i have a male artist reach out 4 me to curate his work for a show, i immediately know that this guy will not be a reg art bro lol, because im not interested in having people and specifically ARTISTS not question the systemic inequalities all around us. by this i dont mean that every work of art should be political or outwardly political, but you know it when you see it, if a body of work is just perpetuating narratives or structures that we'd just be better disposing of, i definitely won’t be the right fit for it.