New Criticals

In your experience, how does the Internet mediate feminism in how it is expressed and consumed?

i feel the internet mediates feminism in pretty much the same way the real world does, only bigger and meaner. like every skeptical non-receptive person out there might not be like "hey feminism makes no sense" in real life, but they sure will jump at you online.

Also, the internet is not a vacuum, nor is art, of course the work of feminist artists is gonna be interpreted or criticized within a patriarchal structure. i'm  thinking selfie artists and how they're at the same time one of the most visible practices and the most vilified/questioned. it makes perfect sense because that's how real life is, a woman cannot b sexy, visible and have agency without all kinds of questioning or policing. i'm not saying they should be exempt from all types of criticism, but i do think it should be done right and fairly as it should be done with all of our peers.