New Criticals

What are some current interests of yours and how do these interests manifest?

mostly the themes that interest me are feminism and the internet, specifically the crossing of those two, which makes for a very large crossing. i'm also interested in race and representation of women in media.

my gifs are mostly about society's expectations on women, and how those are projected on celebrity culture. so, i usually use rihanna, or nicki or kim kardashian, drake etc mostly to create rarefied experiences based on these very familiar faces. maybe present them in transformed ways, so that some kind of differenced thinking might appear; i can't really tell what people think when they see them, but i do know i enjoy transfiguring these very common narratives on women as seen on celebrities
thru very fast/content filled/color-crazy images.

some other keywords: clusterfuck, sexuality, glitter, (traditionally perceived) girly visuals, catholic imagery (im a culturally catholic mexican lol), pop music.

in my curating, i have the GIM which im currently re-paradigm-ing? i just had an IRL show in Lima and that made me realize how the core concepts of the GIM have changed since i first started it in 2012. so even tho all of them still hold their weight, i feel like the perspective has definitely shifted and led to new realizations, and the GIM is happy to acknowledge these. so while it used to be a much more reduced/specific curatorial endeavor, i'm now into the idea of taking it more seriously as an institution, and by that i mean taking responsibility on what it embodies, and what kind of art it represents. so i'm being a lot more responsible and curating harder and making sure or trying my best to have ALL kinds of different online-(self-identified) girl-experiences represented.

it's really easy to believe the internet is this "democratic"/"available to all"  medium for art, when in reality it is still true that most of the art/artist visible are all from Chicago-NY-LA/London-Berlin-Paris, so that's a "hole" one can easily fall into. im trying hard to snap out of that.