New Criticals

Firstly, your practice is really multifaceted. I want to ask how you identify yourself?

so, yeah, i identify myself as young mexican curator and sometimes artist, i also really enjoy writing, tho mostly reviews and art criticism.

my practice is definitely multi-faceted like i feel most artists' is nowadays. i still feel curating is my favorite thing to do and the one i would most love to be financially rewarded for. it's tough out here in Latin America for a young independent woman curator.

My artist practice kind of was always there and not at the same time, i studied photography but after graduation i decided i'd much rather make a living off of reading+writing than having to work for the news/fashion industry which is something i wasn't interested in pursuing.

I've made gifs since my tweens in LiveJournal, but i dont think the "seriousness" or actual style of my gifs took off until after i was approached by Lorna Mills and Rea McNamara to participate in the SHEROES series back in 2012. The periodicity of the shows and the sense of community that it built, while also exposing me to a bunch of other people doing similar work, totally helped expand my own expectations/ambitions about my gifs. And i've just kept doing it ever since and luckily and thankfully having people curate/ask for me to keep doing it, which is so dope : ) I even get paid sometimes, lol.