New Criticals

Do you have any criticism towards contemporary curation?

i don't think i have "criticism" of contemporary curating, it's just mostly stuff
i'm not interested in, but to each their own, yknow? i usually say im glad that there're lots of types of curators, that way i dont have to curate all the bullshit i dont care about lol. there're just some types of artists/shows that turn me off, but that's probably true for everyone. mostly safe, really vanilla, non-challenging, non-questioning, trendy shows? i mean you can have a really vague or extremely poetic premise for a show, but if you got the right artworks to show for it, im down. but sometimes it's just, well, just bad curating, works that could otherwise shine just thrown in a junkpile of contemporary art visual language trends, it's weird, i see that all the time on contemporary art daily; or here in Lima or Buenos Aires, ppl trying to emulate a certain aesthetic and if u add lazy curating to that, its just art shows that make me go "huh?".