New Criticals

How else does your dedication to these intersecting conversations on race inequality, gender inequality, and geographical Chicago-NY-LA/London-Berlin-Paris centrality affect your IRL curation?

my choosing to live in Latin America is a factor of course, the regular transit for aspiring mexican curators would be study in NY/move to Berlin, but i was def not into getting in debt at such a young age by studying in NY, and i also feel a lot more comfortable and actively interested in what the education and the art scenes have to offer south of America and Europe. i just feel like the whole of the american continent is my place, and finding great awesome talented unknown artists in here is pretty easy, since the world's usually looking into very specific geographical spots. the voices to be found around here are really unique, im just interested in working with them.

i've done about a dozen shows IRL since 2012 most in Buenos Aires, a few in Mexico City and Lima. it's usually artists whose work i'm interested in, in some way, or if i can see something in the work that im interested in bringing out. my favorite part of curating is probably the communication/interaction with the artists. i feel like i learn a lot from that, and i'd like to think that the feeling is mutual.