New Criticals

Just as the financial industry recruits the brightest minds from our best institutions, many are called to this growing area of writing work on the internet. It seems nothing more than a brain drain. We analyze film and television, cautiously weigh in on the controversial news of the day, wander through the desert in search of the angle no one else has claimed. I have always believed popular culture and art to be a valid site of struggle and resistance. The terror is that neither is valid any longer.

Perhaps we arrive at the real point of killing time - simplicity. Just how effortless our effort is, how insatiable our appetites, how atomic our consumption has become, so unrecognizable that the term itself feels incomplete. Is it consumption if we never stop consuming? Or is it merely surviving? It is with full awareness that I make these claims despite this very series possibly having little to differentiate itself from the deluge. If doing the same thing expecting different outcomes is crazy, we are undoubtedly a product of the times.