New Criticals

We live in an impossibly realized and fully embedded system of capitalism with it's indeterminate future in full control of its wealthy and powerful actors. Its destiny is incomprehensible, and the term itself may not even be an appropriate descriptor for its current form.

The underlying point of this exploration was to provide some theoretical tools for considering the ethos of mundane distractions and outrage. There is a growing fear, paralyzing indeed, that the most pessimistic insights of Adorno are far truer than we ever wanted to believe, and like capitalism, the culture industry evolved and shed it's skin for another more mystical shell. McKenzie Wark speaks of the vulture industry, that in which cultural production is dictated by the technology sector for production by its subjects. But it can go a step further. Look towards the real vulture industry, this organized cannibalism of the bloated pop culture market. Laughing to keep from dying.