New Criticals

RC: Karen, What made you do it?

KB: It was personal. We were furious. One of us was particularly distressed by their personal circumstances, and then discovered that she was not alone. After several years employed by the company, institution, service - to create something of worth and value - we realized that there was nothing we could do to preserve our achievements and those of our communities, colleagues and clients* from the reckless actions of those appointed to manage their dismantlement. They work without question to a neoliberal bureaucratic formula that has no room for anything but spreadsheet logic. We find ourselves unable to protect our jobs and resources from their smug and enthusiastic compliance with the fascist policies of the government and media relations whose blood and soil ideology is currently making a strident reappearance via the UK Tories, UKIP, and the BNP. Our health, education and freedom are at stake, and they act as if their only responsibility is to more effectively destroy our future.