New Criticals

This is not to implicate white America sensationally. This isn't just about race. But if we allow class to slip into the background - to be subjected to electronic survelliance, one must be able to afford electronics of a particular type - then, unaccustomed to any real governmental encroachment, (white) America had a justifiably visceral reaction that rippled across the country. Regular people forced to deal with the idea that by merely by being alive in the 21st century, they were subject to search and suspicion. Wrong place, wrong time. Whether that search was actual or just, say, legalized and postponed, it still produced a questioning of the practice. The NSA has the data; if they have looked at it is another question. "This is an outrage!", the public says, "I have done nothing wrong!" Reason assuages, "This is outrageous...though...I suppose if I've done nothing wrong..."