New Criticals

You see, there is a tightly knit group of proteins just across the way that are busy making more ATP like crazy. Why are they busy making ATP? Because there is chemical potential energy in the form of food coming in to the cell, being pumped in by this totally annoying protein in the membrane that is only stabilizing itself by binding food molecules outside the cell and then just spitting them back out on the inside of the membrane for the rest of the molecules to deal with. Okay so this group of proteins grabs the food, and the food has got high potential energy and they hate that, so they rip it apart and use the energy to make more isn’t their fault though, that’s the only way they know how to dissipate that chemical potential. They too, are simply acting to try and get themselves into the most low-energy structure they can, but the food keeps coming, so they keep making ATP, and the ATP keeps ending up over at the protein latched on to the RNA, and raising its energy, so the protein copies yet another nucleotide of the RNA to which its attached.

Eventually, the nucleotide sequence being copied by the protein breaks off, either because its now long enough to be stable on its own or because the protein encounters a kink in the RNA strand that repels it, so the nucleotide strand the protein just made floats off and finds its way to a ribosome which... is stabilized by the binding of the RNA the protein copied! So the ribosome grabs the RNA in order to lower its energy, but then there’s another RNA that has this amino acid attached to it that it really will do anything to get rid of because the bond just has too much energy, and this RNA can also stabilize itself by attaching to the ribosome so it hops right on, bringing the amino acid with it which destabilizes the whole thing again, and now more of that high energy ATP shows up, and now the ribosome is really in a (high-energy) state, and the only way for the ribosome to relax is to do something that seals the fate of all the unfortunate molecules trapped inside the membrane with it: it uses the nucleotide sequence to make more of those goddamn proteins making the ATP which keeps raising the cell’s energy level so that nothing can settle down like it’s trying to! you see? Now they’re going to have to do the whole bothersome thing over again. It’s a chemical catastrophe one moment, the next its doing everything in its power to struggle for survival.