New Criticals

In conversation with in 2013, Thom discussed these feelings, saying: "When we did the In Rainbows thing what was most exciting was the idea you could have a direct connection between you as a musician and your audience. You cut all of it out, it's just that and that. And then all these fuckers get in a way, like Spotify suddenly trying to become the gatekeepers to the whole process."

Tomorrow's Modern Boxes, though brief in duration, is a noteworthy continuation of the themes, musical motifs, and radical release ideology that Thom and his collaborators have been exploring for years. The chosen methods of distribution, communicates important messages about how the modes of music consumption and are becoming less opportune for the artists who create, a fact we seem to ignore in the face of convenience. Musically, Thom communicates the panic and aloneness of the isolated modern individual more effectively than any other musicians at his level of popularity and for this his art is, and always will be, in a class of its own. The frailty and tenderness of existence in an accelerating modern world, and the middle finger to the culture owners who are exploiting the labor of its producers. This is where pop meets precarity and no one is better equipped artistically explore these two worlds better than Yorke.

Entrevista (2013) Atoms for Peace (1)