New Criticals

I walked inside the conception of the Louvre of the desert because I followed the temporary paths that enabled the construction of its dome. If the concept of space must be comprehended one day – if, one day, the conception and even the construction of space must be comprehended – then I have lived to see that day as I walked to observe the conception of the dome from close range.

The Louvre of the desert is not contained in a thought or in a period of thought; it cannot be thought in advance. A new geometry is to be deduced from its existence, and consequently a new path of thinking. Now, the architect has enabled me to witness the genesis of that museum and consequently of that thought. Because of this unique privilege, what is contingent can become, as I think it, necessary.

If I must think the Louvre of the desert in a revolutionary way and not simply let my thought wander inside its space, if I must answer the question of what it means to think such a space and even what it means to think – for the function becomes equal to its object, at a limit like this – then I will say that the architect has granted me access to that thought, an access not available otherwise.