New Criticals

While labor laws should address the issues of fair payment, workplace protection, sick leave, social security, non-discrimination, and equal pay for both genders. The food industry lags behind in addressing the sourcing of agricultural products, which are sold at unreal low prices subsided by a large migrant labor force normally not afforded benefits and without the most minimum protection for their labor.

Congress and the president continue to stall negotiations and action on the regularization of status of millions of undocumented migrants in the United States. Therefore, the situation of millions of workers remains precarious. However, for voters discontent with the gridlock in the legislative process, perhaps a quick fix to ensure that workers are being remunerated fairly will be the creation of an immigrant labeling.

Such a label, would allow us to shop our values, while a permanent fix of the migration problem is solved. For non-citizens, without the power of their vote a label would give the opportunity to support only those companies, brands, stores, and restaurants that fairly pay their employees and provide benefits regardless of immigration status.