New Criticals

rational premises are irrational to begin with … The world keeps opening up, unfolding, and just when we expect it to be closed — to be a sealed sensible box — it shows us something completely surprising. — David Byrne

What is information and how is it shared? What are the extremes of circumstances between lies and what some consider over-information, assuming it’s the truth. “Symbols are real” writes David Levi Strauss, but I take it as, mind is real, and I take it on the chin. How can there be certain answers when the human collective has seemingly no way to consensus about what is true and what is untrue. And why, for that matter, doesn’t the collective unconscious seem to be working. One non-answer is to turn to the Tarot so as to ask questions that can be answered with yet more questions — or else an infinity of answers. What is it that the so-called irrational may have to offer?