New Criticals

We are used to thinking that the author is so different from all other men, and so transcendent with regard to all languages that, as soon as he speaks, meaning begins to proliferate, to proliferate indefinitely (Foucault)

For Barthes, Authorship is a tragedy that ignores social responsibility; it is an imposition upon the Reader that rejects any responsibility to them as an active participant in the completion of a work of art. The transfer of authorship to the Machine signifies a further dismantling of the Author and a further transgressing of personal responsibility for the outcome of his creation. Herein the Reader is faced with the impossibly absurd task of creating meaning from the output of a machine. Faced with this overwhelming chore most people simply ask, "How does it work?" Never mind the possibility of meaning in the content of the machine's output, we just want to know how it functions. Our most important text in decoding images might as well have the words "for dummies" in its title.