New Criticals

People’s Republic


The words below, and series of portraits, come out a number of projects from the creative duo Peng & Chen. Peng & Chen are currently creative directors and editors of The Outlook Magazine, China's leading creative lifestyle magaizne. 

'In most Western countries, cultural changes usually take place over the period of hundreds years. While in the East, China seems to have gone through all these changes in a matter of two decades, whether it be political, economical, lifestyle, or cultural changes. China has transformed dramatically, this is something every single member of the Chinese population has experienced - many seemingly irrelevant elements have been brought together, peoples values are being moved from one extreme to another extreme. Chinas recent changes have brought excitement throughout the country. However, while some things are gained, it is only fair, that on the other hand, some things are inevitably lost. Without knowing what to expect, peoples lives become uncertain. With China experiencing so many changes since implementing the Open Door Policy, what are its people going through? This might just be the most note-worthy, and most meaningful era in Chinas history.'