New Criticals

Don’t get me wrong, I love all types of food writing, but it seems like structured, researched, and unbiased food writing has been relegated to a handful of books and even those have a very distinct tendency in whatever are the politics of the author. For the foodie out there, it is easy to find blogs written by people of their own tribe. However, for the person-of-the-world, it is really difficult to find food writing that is not preachy or just a rehearsed food review of a new restaurant, trend, chef, cuisine, or ingredient. Even more difficult is to find writing about food and science, food and art, food and history, food and politics in short format. What is easy to find is food and pop-culture. Interestingly, this type of food writing happens not only in the English-speaking world, it is also true for food blogging in Spanish and French.