New Criticals

A troubling pathology arises when the party responsible for an injustice is given the face of an outsider. Instead of properly labeling the issue as societal perceptions, the instigator of many ailments for African Americans has to be labeled as their diametric opposite. The established enemy in this sense is, of course, the majority (specifically whites). The prevailing perception is that the ‘majority’ is holding back minorities from true equality. Within this frame of thought lies the beginnings of the ‘Monolithic Negro’ as an entity. The more an individual senses separation from the whole, the more incentive there is to form a coalition with others that share this supposed plight.

Any reader will undoubtedly be concerned that those who wish to dispose of their indivisible state still choose to take every opportunity to point to their ‘self’ in its othered state (Of course this isn't true in the case of every person but the exception will never dictate the rule).

The idea of a publication, television station or any other form of media that singularly gives a black perspective may have once been pertinent considering African Americans at one time were denied jobs in these fields because of their race. That is no longer the case, therefore, it should be the desire for every forward thinking African American that these tools of the monolith be deemed obsolete. Their continued existence along with all most, if not all, usage of the term black as a vehicle for separation hinder the advancement toward any true realization of individuality for African Americans.

One would think that the death of the 'Monolithic Negro' is an eventuality, but I fear the base in which we are entrenched may prove to be an infinitely stagnating state.