New Criticals

Anyway, have you heard me yet? Structures and processes get to exist in an expanding, self-organizing universe in so far as they help existence to commit suicide. If the universe did not possess this dynamic, time-directed death drive to heal its own disequilibrium, it could not harbor life either. So it is that the mechanism of both our existence and our evolution are inextricably bound with the necessity of our death, and it would not be possible or even desirable for it to be otherwise. Neither human life nor human meaning was made to hold up against eternity, and neither life nor meaning are possible without spatio-temporal constraints that are literally informed through the process of potential energy dissipation. So in my view the heat death is not merely necessary but...and I know you think I sound crazy...holy. It is the collective business of our shared cosmic existence and the source not only of all life but of all order in the universe...what else shoud we call it? And if you still think it’s just depressing and that anything that ends might as well not have begun, then to you, my friend, I say:

Son of laius, poor stranger in Greece.
Life is death, and death is also a life.

--Holderlin, "In lovely Blue" (trans Glenn Wallis)

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