New Criticals

Important though reputation is – public perception of a lack of faith in a central bank certainly will impact day-to-day operations – Bitcoin’s main effect on the world market is as a presentation of risk. Its continued success and stability “could have a negative impact” on the standing of a bank and so as long as they are around and of some value, they must be factored in. That risk, however, is not so much actual risk, but speculative risk. Bitcoin, like all other commodities, stocks, credits, and car insurance, are valorized by multi-national stock and financial corporations as just another thing to be traded around daily, like gold or corn, credit defaults or home mortgages. Bitcoin is manipulated primarily by the market that won't grant it legitimacy. When Bitcoin was moving at a fraction of its current price just a year ago, it was reported that bankers at Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley in NYC and London had been visiting various Bitcoin exchange outposts online nearly 30 times a day.