New Criticals

Hell is a Place on Earth

NYC, the naked city with 8 million stories, the place where if you make it, you can make it anywhere else, America's cultural capital of cultural capital, where the towers once stood, a place both utopian and dystopian at once. A place of significant economic divide, homelessness, joblessness, and crime (despite the reports that state its decline). Contrastingly there are zones of urban decay and urban promise, and in some neighborhoods they're right beside one another, and one of the few places where you can be pressed against other people in your daily commutes and feel utterly and completely alone. Hell, where the bad behaving, non-believers are banished to by God… FOREVER. You don’t want to go there, at least if you’re God fearing/loving. There are 9 concentric circles of it, the permanent “state of non-existence”, fire and brimstone. The Devil lives there. 3:00am, the end of the party/the beginning of the after-party, when insomnia becomes ever more vivid, lonely and strange, or in folklore of yore, the hour of the wolf, the witching hour.