New Criticals

Hans Jenny Cymatics Soundscapes (1967, Switzerland)

Cymatics, or the science studying the wave phenomena, was firstly analyzed by the Swiss doctor and naturalist Hans Jenny (1904-1972). This scientist carried out experiments with inert dusts, solids and liquids for over 14 years. He turned them into alive and fluctuating forms which reflected models and patterns similar to nature's, art's and architecture's. Such patterns were created by using simple vibrational waves (pure tones) present in the audible field: what the public observes is then a physical representation of vibration, or also the way sound propagates in specific geometrical forms through a medium composed from time to time by different materials. For more than 25 years, poet, producer and editor Jeff Volk has been making cymatics popular by producing all the books and videos that witness the experiences made by Swiss scientist Hans Jenny, and distributing them through its Macromedia Publishing.